New release on 25th April, 2019

Hello guys,

We’ve released an update to our software app, mostly because Chrome introduced a bug in v73 so that the same splitter camera cannot be used in 2 separate chrome instances anymore due to some conflict (as I have been talking in this page).

So what we did was to download latest stable version from ChromiumProject (v72) and build it and integrate it in the app, as a replacement for Google’s official Chrome. We’re not forcing it up your throat, so rest assured that you can still decide if to use our version of Chrome or if you want to stand your chances with the official one.

ATTENTION: you might need to manually install Flash Player for Chromium-based browsers in order to have Flash support. Google indeed ships and updates the chrome themselves, but we will not do that!


On other side, since the Orthodox Easter is near, we also included hidden EasterEggs in the app. Basically if you find the EasterEgg, you can win what’s worth of 1 month of the license 🙂

Ok, so in case you discover the EasterEgg, here’s what you need to do in order to validate it:

  • make a photo of the message, with your phone, so that the studio name in the app’s title is visible, and also that the message (like in the photo above) is visible.
  • make a public post on your studio’s Facebook page where you say that you won this EasterEgg thing, and include #camerolla and the website link 🙂
  • inform us via standard communication channels (either WhatsApp, Skype, text or email) so that we check/validate the prize 🙂


Happy Easter to everyone 🙂

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