Issues with Chrome v73

Hello guys,

Apparently there is an issue with Chrome v73 that affects Flash and webcam usage in Chrome browsers via our software, but its related to Chrome v73 only.

The solution (in order to make the things work again) is to downgrade Chrome to versions 72 or 71, and here are the steps to do so


  1. Go to Control panel and remove (uninstall) your Chrome browser
  2. Download Chrome V71 from our website
  3. Install Chrome v71 but after you install it, don’t start it yet (because you risk it upgrading itself to v73 very fast)
  4. Go to SERVICES management in Windows (WIN+R – services.msc), locate the 2 available Google Update Services (gupdate and gupdatem), double click on them, and DISABLE them.
  5. After you’ve disabled the services, open task manager and Kill (end-task) any other Google processes that you might have open
  6. Go to “C:\Program Files (x86)\Google” and delete the Update folder from there, if it exists.
  7. Now you can open Chrome. Just to make sure that you have v71 installed, go to chrome://flags and you will note the version number written there.


P.S. DO NOT install Chrome from EXE installers, because that one installs in user’s AppData space (and not in ProgramFiles X86) and our app will not detect it!


Thanks for your time!



Later edit, on 9th April 2019

I’ve spent days trying to figure out a solution for this issue with chrome.

As it seems, the issue happens in “separated instances” of Chrome browser, which we do. We focused on separated instances of Chrome browser in order to make sure that webcam settings of SiteA will never affect web cam-settings of SiteB (like it happens when in same browser you open 2 or more websites which all use the same camera splitter).

Seeing that I could not find a workaround for this issue, I have filled a bug report to Google, describing the issue and hoping that they will fix it in one of the next releases.

You can track it here:

Many thanks!

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