our intelligent alternative to Telegram's DROPS groups

What is MONEY DROPS for OnlyFans?

Well, creators that want attract more fans on OnlyFans, they will have to increase their awareness and visibility on OnlyFans by constantly searching for techniques that they can use to achieve this. There are a few ways to becoming more popular, among which we can enumerate Twitter promotions, paid promotions of various agencies, Porn Hub exposure, Reddit (and other platforms exposure), etc.

But a while ago, content creators have started using secret groups on Telegram that were specifically created for this technique called MONEY DROPS. The idea is simple at it’s core: let’s say that 10 OnlyFans creators go to this telegram group to promote each-other. There’s a telegram-group admin that notifies all people that a DROP will start soon. Those willing to participate in the DROP should write “active” in that group. Once the admin sees that enough participants are active, he/she/it will say that the DROP will start SOON, prepare, etc.

Once the DROP started, all active creators should post (on telegram) a PROMO picture of their OF account and also a TEXT.

After the maximum number of creators has reached a point, the telegram-group admin will say STOP and decide the last DROPS participant (in order of posting I guess).

The 10 participants that were approved, have to do the following (in a very short time):

  1. download all other creators’ photos (and text)
  2. go to their OnlyFans account and create 1 post for each creator using his photo and text and set the expiration of post to 1 day
  3. after created all posts, use ca screen recorder (or video camera) to record a proof-of-posting video
  4. upload the proof-of-posting video back to telegram, so the group-admin verifies that you’re good

A maximum of few minutes later, the telegram group-admin will inform on group that the DROP has ended, if it was successful or not, if anyone was “banned” or not, etc.

And what is SHARE 4 SHARE for OnlyFans?

Some high-ranked creators, if they gotten popular and they have a huge fan-base, they might have “announcement” topics on various internet channels (instagram, twitter, telegram, reddit, etc) that they do Share4Share in order to help other  creators.

So, the flow is that you usually have to DM such a creator. You will be asked to prove your TOP%, number of fans, etc… and maybe also pay somehow this creator for the S4S (or maybe it’s not paid if both creators are in a win-win position).

We never tried this S4S ourselves, but we imagine that it’s a negotiation between the 2 participants: “ok, i do S4S with you, if you pay me X$ bla bla. I will make a pinned post on my page with your promo for 2 days, you do the same with my promo, etc… yada yada other agreement terms”…

onlyfans money drops and share 4 share

This looks so complicated 😟

But, we created a better way!

Camerolla browser offers (since August 2022) a feature that is currently exclusive for OnlyFans creators, that allows ANY creator from the entire world to promote its account by participating in MONEY DROPS or by doing SHARE 4 SHARE with other creators.

So, let me explain you how easy we’ve made things for you:

Step 1: download our browser

1. Download

The very first thing you need to do is to download our chrome-based browser that we tailored specifically for adult business. So, get yourself the latest version of Camerolla browser from our downloads page.

Though we created this app for our clients (which are cam-studios mostly), you can also use our browser app as a safe alternative to Google Chrome on your daily basis.

Step 2: login to your OnlyFans account

2. Login

After you’ve finished installing Camerolla and when the browser starts for the first time, it will take you to a configuration page, where asks you about some URL. At that step, look a little lower-left, there you will see a “skip” configuration text-link. Click on it, and the browser will not ask you about this configuration anymore.

After that, navigate to and login into your account.


Step 3: enjoy our added features

3. Enjoy

In maximum 10 seconds after you’ve logged-in in your OnlyFans account, our browser will show you 2 popup dialogs: one where you can submite a new PROMO for DROPS or S4S (located in top-right corner of your browser), and the other where you see the status of this plugin (located in the bottom-left corner of camerolla browser).

If in maximum 10 seconds you don’t see any of the popups described above, please refresh the browser, so it tries again.


How to upload your PROMO with our app?

a) chose PROMO media

First, click the blue PICTURE icon in your popup, then browse your computer for a PROMO image that you want to use and then click OPEN.

You are allowed to upload JPG, PNG or GIF images.

If later it will be asked for, maybe we will also add support for short-videos.

b) chose your promo text

Then you have to write your PROMO text in the input text area that we circled in red.

Here, a few rules and advises:

  1. you must include your @tag in the text, otherwise the browser will not allow your upload
  2. we encourage you to use EMOJIS and if you look carefully at the image, you will see that we included a few popular emojis that you can use. You can easily click on any emoji icon and then simple CTRL + V in your text area.
  3. be creative 🙂

c) maybe also apply some filtering

You can also apply some filtering (only applicable for MONEY DROPS) in case you want to participate only in a more “exclusive” DROPS.

We’ve defined there some preset values that you could chose from. Basically the app takes 2 parameters into filtering: your number of fans and your TOP position.

For example the “More than 6k fans OR in top 46%” filter means that you will only be able to participate in DROPS where our app will select for you only candidates that match your filter’s criteria (either they rank better in top, for example is 45% compared to your max requirement of 46%) or for example are having more than 6k followers… so they can be considered as “numbers” of potential new fans for you.

P.S. Most of the filtering features will cost you credits. If you want to use the advanced features, credits can be purchased online from our website by going to this page here:

d) upload yourself to queue

In my sample image, you see 4 buttons:

  1. QUEUE FOR DROPS – if you press this one, your photo/text will be uploaded for MONEY DROPS
  2. QUEUE FOR S4S – if you press this button, your promo will be uploaded for SHARE 4 SHARE queue
  3. OR BOTH (and this is what I chosen) – will upload your photo/text both for DROPS and for S4S at the same time (means that same text and same image will be used both in DROPS and also in S4S).
    If you want some photo/text for DROPS and other photo/text for S4S, then it’s better that you do them one at a time.
  4. CLOSE – this simply closes the popup dialog and does nothing until you refresh the website.

monitor in logs if all went ok

Ok, so in this animated GIF, you will see how Camerolla is telling you (in the LOGS popup on your browser – bottom left corner) that your promo text/image has been uploaded (or not).


Also, right after you’ve uploaded your data, the app will inform you about your current position in the waiting list(s).

How is MONEY DROPS working?

OK, assuming that enough OnlyFans creators have uploaded their promos using our services, once the minimum queue has met the requirement conditions (and provided that your Camerolla browser is still open and loggedin in OnlyFans), if your position in the QUEUE is good, you will be selected at some point for the MONEY DROPS posting.

When that happens, you don’t have to do anything except look at the logs and see how things evolved.

In this animated GIF image you will see 2 left-corners of 2 OnlyFans creators that both have uploaded promo for DROPS. You will learn from the image how POSTS start getting created for the creator on the left (#1) and also how posts start getting created automatically for the creator on the right (#2).

AFTER the DROPS POSTS have been created, you are obligated to keep the browser open for 3 more hours, otherwise the system will BAN your account and delete posts that tagged you automatically.

Why we ask for this?

Because after the posts have been created, every few seconds Camerolla verifies if the posts tagging you still exist.

In case some creator tries to cheat and deletes the post on own timeline about you, the system will BAN that creator on our server AND your post tagging that creator will be deleted automatically a few seconds after was banned.

So, that is why it is important that after you DROP, you also keep the browser open for at least 3 more hours.

And how about SHARE 4 SHARE ?

With SHARE 4 SHARE the flow is similar with the MONEY DROPS one, but has some small differences.

The first difference is about the automatic posts. They are set to expire in 3 days, and they will be pinned to creator’s profile. And these 2 conditions are checked by our software automatically when it is verifying the posts (if they were edited/changed/deleted/unpinned/etc).

Second thing is that our software WILL NOT chose candidates automatically (like it does in the MONEY DROPS). BUT it will allow the highest ranked creator to decide with which other creator to S4S with.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This feature will always cost you 50 credits. If you want to use the SHARE 4 SHARE for OnlyFans, credits can be purchased online from our website by going to this page here:


Now, let me explain a bit the SAHRE 4 SHARE flow:

Let’s say that there are 2 persons in the S4S queue. If both are active (means that if they are logged-in in Camerolla and in their OnlyFans account), our server will allow the highest ranked one to chose if wants to S4S with the other active creator. So yes, your “active” state is kept updated for as long as you keep the browser open!

If meanwhile some other creator has opened Camerolla + OnlyFans and this new creator’s rank is better than the previous one’s, then:

  1. the app will allow the new better ranked creator to chose with whom to S4S with (and since there are 3 creators in queue, this new one can chose out of 2 creators now)
  2. and remove the choices-popup from the previous one (which is now outranked, thus loses permission to S4S)

So on and so forth. If a 4th creator joins, maybe his rank is better or not … if higher-ranked, than this 4th one will be allowed to chose with whom to S4S (otherwise it waits to be chosen by some better ranked creator, or to be #1 in queue), etc.

AFTER the SHARE 4 SHARE posts have been created, you are obligated to keep the browser open for at least 3 more hours because our app will constantly verify if the posts created still exist or if they were manually altered.