Our web server is being flooded with 6GB/second of data

Hello guys,

Today around 16:00 (gmt+2) a good person started to flood our web server, with a constant upload of 3GB of gibberish data every single second, in small packets.

Our anti-flood scripts have caught the issue and stopped the network interface, hoping that the good person will eventually stop. But it didn’t.

Meanwhile we worked on figuring out what’s happening behind, and we found out that the flood was on UDP. So we filtered out all UDP traffic temporarily and things were ok for about 20-30 minutes.

However, our good person is persistent and figured out what we did, thus changed the flood strategy to flooding all channels, and this time with a bigger package… of a constant 6gb of flood per second.

Unfortunately we cannot do anything now… the flood is way too big… and our infrastructure is not that big to permit such big amounts of traffic.

We are so, forced, to wait until the good person will stop their action.

Technically we cannot do anything to stop this.

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