New feature in the panel – RECRUITER.

Hello guys,

We’ve just added a new feature in the panel, that allows ANY studio to create a RECRUITER account, for a HE or SHE that will recruit models for your studio, in favor of a % commission from those models’ earnings 🙂

This feature came as a request from Dragos of Charm Group… but i found the idea very nice so I developed it free for all of you.

As you know… you can have model accounts and also staff accounts in the system.

In theory I should have done a 3rd type… but that would have complicated the app’s structure, so I decided to make it a little simpler and faster, but good/safe also.

The original request came something like this: “the recruiter agent should be able to see (for transparency reasons) the models’ earnings and the calculated share, according to the referral percentage configured for each recruiter“.

Ok, so what should you do in case you decide to take advantage of this feature?

  • First, go in JOB titles section in your studio configuration, and create a new job title named “Recruiter agent” (or whatever you like)
  • Go to STAFF ACCOUNTs -> HR -> Create new staff account. Fill in all details like for any staff person, select the appropriate job title and in the last field, set the referral percentage that you are offering to that agent. (attention: the percentage is applied to full earnings of the model, not to the model’s share)
  • After you’ve created the staff account, go to EDIT RIGHTS section, and assign the RECRUITMENT rule (its only one at this moment when I wrote this article)
  • Assign the agent a photo of him/her so that it looks nice 🙂 And that’s all, let him/her start recruiting.

However, the platform must “know” which of the models was recruited and by whom… so the process must have a “correct” flow and this is happening in 2 important steps: 1 for the agent and the other for studio’s HR person.

FIRST, the recruiter will do his thing and let’s say he just convinced a young good looking girl to be a model in your studio. (yee)

The agent must login in the platform and schedule an interview for that model, from the agent’s account. After all its his/hers job to do this. This way, the system will know that a possible model could have been referred by that agent.

That’s all that the agent must do from the agent account for now.

HOWEVER, the studio’s HR person must follow-up with the model and actually deal with the interview (either reject the candidate or finish the interview and hire the model) – nothing new here for whom of you used the interviews module.

BUT SECOND important step (for the HR staff) is that the model’s new account MUST BE CREATED from the successful interviews section (after the candidate’s name, there is a green “Add new model” button. Please use this button, otherwise the interview will not be linked with the new account – thus the agent’s work will not be reflected correctly.

After you’ve created the new account like this, all is good and:

  • the agent will transparently see how much the model earned
  • you will know that you respected the contract with the recruiter 🙂

So yes, both of you will be happy 🙂

P.S. Here’s how the recruiter interface looks like:

As you can see from the image above, the recruiter:

  • can see a list with ACTIVE models (only those that he/she recruited)
  • can see the periodical earnings like any staff person (but only limited to the models he/she recruited)
  • can schedule a new interview
  • can see the interview pages (scheduled, successful, failed or rejected – for full transparency)
  • in home page, he/she sees the earnings graphs, daily earnings, etc

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