New update launched today, 22nd of July, on the performer app

new performer app available for models

Hello guys,


Today we’ve launched a new update for the performer app the models use, and we would like to tell you what’s new in there, so you can benefit from the options

  1. Some clients have some computers for their models who run a Intel(R) network card, which till about a year or so, was a known issue that it was incompatible with WinPCap drivers, thus rendering it incompatible for detecting the correct upload bandwidth per second. A little over an year ago, we deactivated the bandwidth module in case such a network card was detected on the computer. But with today’s release we reactivated it… as it is possible that with latest drivers, the network card will behave normally.
  2. Thanks to our new friend in the industry, JAHL Online Studio from Colombia, we’ve been told about QTranslate app, which seems to be very effective on models’ computers. Its usage is so simple… you simply have to select with your mouse ANY TEXT, from literally ANY APPLICATION that runs in your computer, and press CTRL+Q so that the QTranslate app will translate that text on the fly, from ANY LANGUAGE. So yes, despite most models are efficient in understanding a client’s requests… we find this app very useful for all of you. All you have to do is open the app, correct the language that you want the software to translate to (it happened to me to suggest russian based on computer specs) and instruct your models about how to select texts and how to press CTRL+Q in order to translate that selected text.
  3. The performer app now supports a new camsite, Camversity, as request from a client
  4. Improved the login algorithm (browser related) for skyprivate (appropriately detects anti-DDoS delay now) and also fixed login in Twitter (due to their change in interface)
  5. Fixed manual earnings detection for LiveJasmin (who still pointed to the old page, since they added the dashboard one like a month ago or so)
  6. Implemented support for the new (beta) JasminCam. The performer app will detect if it is installed, and will start this new app now, instead the v3 one. However, if you still want to use the old one, you can press RIGHT CLICK over the jasmin’s icon, and select to use the v3 one, instead the new app.
    HINT: use ALT+SHIFT+P in order to open camera settings dialog in this new JasminCam… and play with the settings so the model looks stunning 🙂
  7. At a client’s request, we also added a possibility to let the model input manually her earnings for AdultWork camsite. It is done if the model right clicks the text that shows her earnings, right over adultwork button in the performer app.
    The model will have to calculate herself the exact number of credits she have earned, for the DATE of the day that she did the math. You must understand that providing the date is very important, so that the software will know what to do with that earnings value… especially because models can also work night shifts, and some credits belong to pre-midnight day, the others for the other day.
    Apparently this was necessary because on AdultWork one can ask for the transfer of credits at any time he wants. Thus, requesting the credits would have damaged the total of credits… so the automatic detection would have been wrong.
  8. Improved browser settings for Flirt4Free in that that now all those cookies about the “UI usage guide” should be saved, so the model will not have to click next/next/next all the time she opens the site for checking things.
  9. Due to the new LiveJasmin app (that is currently in Beta) we also discovered a new technique for automatically filling-in various information in apps.
    So, we improved the auto-login system in Skype, in MFCchat, the new JasminCam and also in SMBroadcast app.


ATTENTION: In case the app is throwing some weird error when started after you have updated it, it means your computer lacks .NET framework v4.6.2

In that case, please download and install the framework manually from here: In future updates, it will be available in the installer.


Cheers to all of you guys and have a productive and efficient time 🙂

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