New release in 9th March 2018

Hello guys,

Today (9th March 2018) we’ve released a new version of the performer software, as you will see that it notifies you about the update. So here’s what’s new in it.

OBS video effects for CHATURBATE

Basically, here’s what we’ve done:

  1. Created 2 scenes in OBS, one for when the model is online, the other for when the model finished a private show and needs to refresh herself (the model can switch between themes easily from the OBS software).
  2. Each scene is customized to reflect some effects. In the after-private scene, the OBS software will show a slide-show of model’s pictures, a DMCA notice and the social media feature, while in the primary scene, the model’s camera will be visible, along with effects for detecting tips, notices, DMCA, social media, etc.
  3. Special thanks to EnjoyStudio form Bacau-Romania for providing me with some purchased effects for Chaturbate (though hardcoded for one of their models) that I could later integrate for all of you guys.

(however the work inside was tremendous, there’s a communication between the “effects” and the app via “network”, a lot of engineering there hehe)

Now, some particularities for the OBS effects are editable directly from the panel.

Each model that has an active Chaturbate account, will have a new option where an admin can edit her OBS particularties:

  • decide the social media accounts to promote on the video (we support facebook, instagram, snapchat, tumblr and twitter)
  • decide a profile photo for the main picture (the photo must be exactly 1920 x 1080 pixels)
  • allows you to upload unlimited number of photos (1920 x 1080) for creating a slideshow of photos

See photo bellow for understanding this:

However, you can decide on a computer level if, for chaturbate, you want to use the OBS encoder or not. Even more, if the OBS option is not available for your performers, you should contact Chaturbate for offering you this option.


P.S. We provide raw support. You should open OBS for Chaturbate and configure it yourself in case you need special video resolutions or bitrates.

Here are also a few guides from Chaturbate:

To view our overview guide on broadcasting with external encoders & OBS, see

To view our guide on how to setup OBS with Chaturbate follow:

A helpful video tutorial is also available at

If you’re familiar with OBS/X-Split/RTMP Pushing; the technical information relating to using it with Chaturbate is listed here:


Daily targets

This is a feature that was asked by EmpireStudio a few months ago, and now it is available in the system.

So basically this is about specifying some targets for your studio, so that they apply on a daily basis. For example you can decide to bonus each model that earns more than 300$ in her shift with an additional 50 (local coin, RON in Romania, etc).

The idea is that the software will ask the server every 3 minutes what’s the status with earnings. The server will calculate the earnings of the model for her/his current shift (+/1 few hours in case a double shift or in case the shift was started in some room but continued in another). And if there’s a daily target defined, and if the model is “close to” reaching that target, she will be notified by the performer software about her unique chance to win some additional money IF he/she will reach the daily target.

Enforcing a microphone

As some of you might know, the performer software can also be used by admins, in order to “hear” the microphone of their models (and also a set of other features in there).

But, most models didn’t used to select a microphone from their software before.

Now, the app requires you to select a microphone and also configure it to be enforced (changing of microphone will be forbidden) or pre-filled but not enforced.

Lovense browser support

These guys’ browser is a mess, but some of you guys are really needing it because of the Lovense toys.

The bad thing is that we cannot automate it via software. This means that we cannot (at least not yet) auto-complete the login and passwords in it.

However, we provide you a copy/paste technique if your models are really needing this browser.  They can literally copy/paste their password into the website opened in lovense, provided that they will enter their username (login name) manually.

Supporting Chrome v64

Since yesterday, Google launched v65 of Chrome. However, its buggy and comes with some issues at this moment, issues that we didn’t yet found a solution for. Thus we are not supporting v65 of Chrome, but even more, we recommend you to uninstall it (so that we can install v64 instead).

V64 of Chrome is stable and does its job perfectly.

Please understand and accept the requirement (so far).

The performer software will try to disable automatic update of Chrome (via renaming of update folder in Program files) but since that runs under super-user rights (administrator) the software might be unsuccessful.

So, please open task manager, kill GoogleCrashHandler and GoogleCrashHandlerX64 (also GoogleUpdater if there). After that, go to “C:\Program Files (x86)\Google” and rename Update folder into “update#” or something else… so that Google Chrome will NOT update automatically to v65 or later.

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