Changes to daily payments and work contract taxes.

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1st – daily payments

I’ve made several changes to the daily payments feature, as as it comes, we’ve discovered a better approach for them, and also a better use-case, due to the feedback received from some of our clients.

So, the main issue put to discussion was that some of you might want to offer daily payments at a different percentage (for eg, 40%) but also let the model also receive normal payments for some other days, at other percentages (either fixed, or influenced by targets).

So in the past few days we’ve worked on this new integration and here’s what has changed:

1. In performer’s payment settings, you can decide a new percentage, fixed, for daily payments. So you can have a model have a fixed percentage for daily payments but also have the model respect a formula (fixed share or target-by-hours or whatever you want).
2. In model’s earnings, you can locate any day that the model has earnings on. This was also available before, but now it was perfected.
The idea is that the admin that has such rights, can create a daily payment for a given day, for the model. The software will automatically detect eligible earnings for that day (based on model’s shift) and calculate the share value. The value is like for any other payment (create -> verify -> pay).

It was somehow tricky with the night models… as you might have some earnings values for today (till midnight) and also some other earnings for next day (till she ends her shift).
The best way would be for you to make sure to enter her earnings for the day you want to create her payment. However, the software will also take into consideration the earnings from next day that might occur till 6AM in the morning.

Also, the final periodic payment will not ignore all earnings that were marked to have been paid already in a daily-fashion.

So for a 15 days period, you can have as many dialy payments you want (for eg at 40%) but you can also create a final periodical payment entry for all the days that the model decided not to be paid daily. (so for eg at 50%).

See the following image for an example:

2nd – work contract taxes

It was brought to our attention that work contract taxes should be configured as in when to be “declared”.

So, in model’s payment settings, if you will select her to be paid as work-contract, a new field is now showing up, called “when to ask for work contract taxes.”

From that field, you can take 3 decisions (this only works for bi-monthly payout system… weekly or monthly are not relevant):

  • you can chose to declare taxes in all pay periods (both in first and in second)
  • or you can ask taxes only in first
  • or only in second (last).

By configuring this option, once you create the payment, sometimes you will be asked to declare a model’s taxes, sometimes you won’t (depending on your choice in model’s payment settings)


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