OBS news, Multiple images upload support, fontawesome and lightbox in the advanced HTML editor

Hello guys,

We’ve added an interesting feature today that you might find handy, in the advanced WYSIWYG editor (which shows up in most of the pages where you can add text content).

We’ve added 3 things to it:

  • fontawesome – in order to use font-awesome icons in your creations.
  • lightbox – to create photo galleries, but personally I don’t really like it.
  • possibility to upload many photos in bulk (unlimited I think). They will get uploaded in background and the app will generate a photo gallery for them for that entry. Adding images is very easy… as you can do this via drag-and-drop, like in the video you can see bellow:

Also, we’re working on a great feature for OBS which can be used in all camsites that can support external encoding.

A very nice thing is that in this software (OBS) you can be a “director” and create scenes (one for when a private has ended for example, to show pictures or something), another for being live, etc.

On the other hand, working with multiple scenes or not, you can add visual effects in the video/audio stream, extending the possibilities to even detecting actions in a given website and playing different scenarios in your video/audio stream.

Its a lot to talk on this subject and believe me or not, I barely scratched the surface. I will post here 2 videos, so you can understand about scenes and also about how a software can detect tips and react on them in OBS, when they happen 🙂



The work on the above features is tremendous… however we believe the results will be awesome.

We’d appreciate your ideas & feedback.

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